Saturday, August 10, 2013

Blog commenting–Crucial for SEO ranking

Blogs are boom for online marketing. Article writing is a part of blog marketing. Blog marketing is a collection of articles. Once you have written a blog then it is necessary that you should work on its online presence. Online presence is an essential part for driving visitors on your blog and huge number of visitors for a blog can be possible by blog commenting. It has been used and considered by many search engine optimization experts and webmasters as one of the easiest and excellent source of free one way links.

Benefits of blog commenting
Have a look on benefits, what it can actually do for your business.

Improve Web Presence or Visibility
By enabling you to leave a comment on related blogs and including some anchor text linking back to your site, it provides you the opportunity to get your name and make yourself known in front of other bloggers, blog readers and other people who are browsing blogs that are related to your industry that are looking for the products or services that you provide.
Moreover, as most bloggers read each and every comment on their blog, and provided that your comments are interesting, show who you are and add great content to the blog, there's a great chance that you'll get noticed by that blogger. And to that blogger seeing you, it is extremely likely that your feedback will come in contact with all the visitors of that weblog, even long after you've actually remained that opinion.

Ascertain Credibility
Provided that you add to the conversation when you are commenting, reading the blog posts thoroughly and then contributing a thoughtful comment lets you appear that you know your stuffand is designed to encourage additional comments from others. Your blog comments are not only great resources of marketing yourself or your brand or company, but it will also demonstrate to others that you know your stuff.Thus, demonstrating and proving your credibility.

Build Relationships
Blog commenting is a great way of getting noticed by prospects as well as by other industry bloggers. Later, this will result to creation and growth of a friendly relationship with prospects, which may lead not only to new business opportunities but even to guest blog posting opportunities. You will be able to earn loyal prospects.

Make and develop backlinks
Blog commenting may enable you to include a website link with your blog comment. This will help you in building a link portfolio and therefore generate traffic to your blog or website by making it easy for those interested to click over to learn more about you.Moreover, though most blogs use no backlinks in their comments, this link is still a link that leads to your site.
Other requirements for quality blog commenting is a way to connect with the blog owners, for awareness and branding of the blog content for Search engine Rankings and for second-order marketing impact. Search engine ranking is a key which will reward you by top ranks and will increase your online presence. In terms of marketing impact the backlinks are very essential part. Backlinks is a key which gives a way to prospect that will reach your website.